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tv   [untitled]    March 3, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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i am experienced on design and storm water runoff management. a greening project of mine on an abandoned property won a community beautification award. i believe we have opportunities to enhance children's tourney decks -- experiences. we can reduce the heat. i worked to encourage replanting is and inform others about the importance of proper ongoing tree maintenance. the urban forestry council is deeply concerned about this issue. we have increased public awareness as to the importance of street trees. i would love to be part of making this happen. because of this practical work
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experience, i have been grounded, realistic approach to planning. i have a very high level of enthusiasm for enhancing the san francisco urban forest. it would be wonderful to work with the forestry council and the organizations within city government. we must move our city hire in the national rankings for coverage. increasing our urban trees gate advances our carbon goals. the district was ranked second as far as un used plant locations. i am working hard to change this. i believe we can do more to connect the dots with issues of the environmental justice, urban health, watershed protection, all over our city to protect our forests. i have taken personal initiative to attend a sub committee and full council meetings on my own
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volition. i would be very happy to have the opportunity to serve on this commission. i would like to thank you in advance for considering my qualifications. thank you. >> to our clerk, when we talk about members of an organization, are we talking about employees of an organization or participating through dues? >> you will have to ask the city attorney. >> [inaudible] commissioner kim: miss adams, i
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know this is not a charter permission -- commission. do you have a response to the question? do you have to be an employee of a nonprofit to qualify as a member? >> currently, the way it's it's right now, we have one applicant for seat 2. we have two applicants for seats 4 and 5. we have four applicants for seats 6 and 7. the question is it if we might be able to fit under some of
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the applicants of membership in a nonprofit group. if you are a member of friends of urban forest, which is a nonprofit group. >> for any other candidates for seats 6 and 7, is anybody else a member of a non-profit organization? commissioner kim: i will open up for public comment. it is there any comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is now closed. i was hoping to ask some questions. i would add at least suggest,
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because we have one applicant on chairing the committee. >> i nominate to move maria forward for seat 2. commissioner kim: without objection. >> i thank everyone for coming. we are blessed to have a lot of candidates. i feel strong for rose for seat s 6 or 7. she is very active in my district and i would like to move for 4. i would like to move rose forwar d for seat 6. commissioner kim: without objection. this is my first time meeting all of the committee members. i would like to thank those that's out on the committee thus far. thank you so much for your
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service on this issue. i'd love to see trees in our city. it is an important part of what makes san francisco a beautiful place to be a part of is the attention to our environment and landscaping. i would like to see mr. flanagan as a member of a nonprofit organization. personally, i would love to see representation from districts that have not always been represented well in this area. i appreciate isandy sherwin -- th -- tat -- i appreciate that sandy sherwin has applied. i do know that district well. it is important that we do this on neighborhoods that have not
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had the same attention that the rest of the city has. >> could we put dan in seat 4 , sandy in seat 5. i would make a motion to put andrew in seat 7. commissioner kim: i think we can do that. we have a motion to aflanagan for seat 4, sherwin for seat 5 and sullivan for seat 7. we have no objections. i'd like to thank all of the applicants that were here. mr. milne, thank you for all of
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your service to the committee. it is great to see this dedication to the city of san francisco. these are the hard decisions that our committee has to make. it is good to have some fresh new voices. thank you so much for your application and your time and service. we will move forward without objection. thank you. madam clerk will you call item 5? >> considering appointing one member for the chairman of the sweat free it advisory group. commissioner kim: is she here today? we do have your application and interest to sit on this task
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force. >> good afternoon. my name is eleanor morton. i am an accountant in the city of san francisco. i have represented employees, low-wage workers, and labor unions at a loss for more i am a law partner. -- law lot firm, where i am a law partner. as a passionate san francisco resident who is very concerned about the city and how it spends its dollars, i think i can bring both expertise and commitment to make sure this is done in a way that is consistent with avoiding and eliminating the use of
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sweatshops. >> thank you. any questions, supervisors? is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> we make the motion to move eleanor forward. commissioner kim: that was the seat i agree to put you in. thank you so much for your application and your willingness to serve on the committee. thank you for your service. madame clerk, will you call item 6? >> this has to deal with public notices. commissioner kim: the deputy clerk is here to speak on this piece o.
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>> is different to be on this side of the test -- side of the desk. you know that the ordinance define the home page. it was determined that we needed a little bit more clarification on the words severing. the ordinance before you defines the word summary. this legislation could realize a cost savings of over $50,000 per year. after discussing the previous ordinance, this would not preclude those up by federal and state law and include land-use matters such as an eminent domain, etc. the board would appreciate your support in the passage of this. >> any questions? this is a clarifying question i
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have asked a couple of times. i know that part of the background to this is that things have changed and many people ask this information on our meetings and agendas and minutes. is there any projected cost savings with this legislation? >> upwards of $50,000 per year. commissioner kim: any other questions? this is being heard for the amendments to the ordinance. is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> i will make a motion to move this forward with recommendations. commissioner kim: without objection. this item moves forward with recommendations.
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at this time, we will recess this portion of the meeting so we can adjourn to close session with the city attorney's office. is there any public comment on the items listed on the agenda? seeing none, public comment is closed. and we will now go into closed session. a motion?
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>> we met in closed session to discuss pending claims and litigation regarding the city. it >> thank you, colleagues, at the meeting is adjourned. >> we will have a motion regarding disclosure. >> to do you want to make that motion? commissioner kim: i cannot make that motion. >> a motion to move those forward and to not disclosed. >> without objections. at the meeting is adjourned.
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>> welcome to culturewater. in 2001, the san francisco arts commission and tampa does go public library established an arts master plan for the city soon to be renovated branch library. almost 10 years later, the san francisco arts commission has integrated a collection of vibrant new artworks by bay area artists into five new libraries, and there is more on the way. here is a closer look at some of the projects.
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>> the branch library improvement program is a bond funded program undertaken by the san francisco public library to upgrade each of the branch libraries throughout the neighborhoods. one of the great benefits of this opportunity is that each of these branches has a unique artwork that has been created specifically for that branch, based on input from people who live near that branch, in the surrounding neighborhood. >> trur- minded. there was a lot of community support for the project. i try to make it about the true hill and its history. they were something that natives used for making houses.
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the construction of the pond is based on abalone house construction. at the bottom of the form, it is woven into a rope which transforms into a manufactured rope. that is a reference to the cordish company, a big industry at the waterfront that went along with the shipbuilding industry. other examples of art work in libraries that you might be interested in seeing it is dana zed's glass shatters in front of a library. there are a wall sculptures in the lobby of the glen park branch library. and then there is an illuminated book on the wall of
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the mission bay library. >> "ocean current." we are on ocean avenue, so there is a connection to that. that is what this is about. culmination of all lot of dialogue, processing over a five-year period. that is longer than most art projects take, but i really feel like the product was enriched from that. making the sculpture involves forging and fabricating steel. we used to deal to create this flowing, central sculptor, heating, bending, grinding, painting, bending, and adding a patina to it. layers and layers of craftsmanship that went into this. >> of the artists who participated in this project are
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all bay area of projects. they work in a wide variety of media. metal, glass, natural elements, photography, just a range of different approaches and aesthetics. so we have created a nice collection of art work that is reflective of the current date. art scenes. and we invite everyone to participate and to see the unique art works that have been developed. >> to learn more, visit because we have a great waste water system here in san francisco, we do about 80 million gallons of waste water here in san francisco, which means we basically fill